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Positive Pet Parenting
Saves Lives 501c3  Shelter Program to prevent pet neglect, abuse, and surrender by providing Free E-Courses with shelter pet rescue and adoption.
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The Network provides pet behavior education and services for pet parents, pet professionals and veterinary practices

Pet Parents...learn how to teach and shape pet manners at home. Start your Free Positive Pet Parenting™ Email Course today.

Veterinarians...keep pets in your practice. Recommend  a pet behavior history analysis by a DVM Behavior Consultant to help clients resolve pet behavior issues.

Pet Professionals... improve relationships between people and pets by offering clients pet behavior education and services.

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Helping you raise the pets of your dreams and best friends for life!

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Learn about the media campaign launched in 2009 to raise awareness of and reduce veterinary phobias in pets - view press release.

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