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The Calming Face Wrap
by The Anxiety Wrap - Animals Plus, LLC

This gentle wrap works by “maintained pressure” and is not a muzzle in anyway. It gentle applies maintained pressure utilizing the dog’s own receptors resulting in a calming effect. Used alone for unwanted barking or in conjunction with the Anxiety Wrap for other issues, this product is effective and easy to use.

The Calming Face Wrap
After you have introduced the Calming Face Wrap
to your dog and he is comfortable with it you can begin using it as part of a gentle, positive behavior modification program. Each Calming Face Wrap
contains an easy, 4-step-by-step, plan helping you to effectively reshape your dog's unwanted barking behavior. If you need additional help, you can receive free online or telephone support from the company. This information is included in the Calming Face Wrap instruction pamphlet.

Color: Black
Sizing Guidelines:

Size 1 - fits dogs up to 12 lbs
Size 2 - fits dogs 13-24 lbs
Size 3 - fits dogs 25-49 lbs
Size 4 - fits dogs 50-90 lbs
Size 5 - fits dogs over 90 lbs

The Calming Face Wrap
comes with a 100% unconditional replacement guarantee covering workmanship. In the rare event that you find any manufacturing defect, please contact us immediately. We will promptly replace the product. Since we cannot control how or if the Calming Face Wrap is used properly, we do not offer a usage guarantee.

Ways to use the Face Wrap:
This product, like the Anxiety Wrap
, is to be used with gentle training methods only. Punishment based training will override the effectiveness of this product.  Can be used alone or in conjunction with the Anxiety Wrap.

  • Unwanted barking
  • Increase relaxation
  • Reduce fear
  • Aid to building confidence
  • Redirect the dog’s focus
  • Prevent destructive digging
  • Prevent destructive scratching
  • Chasing storms
  • Climbing during storms
  • Pacing
  • Car travel

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